Don’t be a Victim of Cybercrimes!

…if I don’t hear from you immediately, we will have to issue an arrest warrant in your name…

Sound familiar? This message was left in my voicemail about 3 weeks ago and you can rest assured I did not respond. IF YOU RECEIVE ANY VERSION OF THIS MESSAGE, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY! Such calls are a part of the nearly $3 Billion stolen from Americans annually as a part of the epidemic of cybercrimes.

The perpetrators of these crimes who prey especially on people over 60, take a variety of forms. Some send official looking invoices for goods or services you neither ordered or received; some offer get-rich-quick schemes that can sound almost too good to be true (which they are!); some pretend to be from the IRS, the Social Security administration, or other law enforcement agencies (IRS and other agencies NEVER call and make demands over the phone), and still others call offering “free investment guides or diet plans, or fitness programs” and ask for a credit card number so they can “confirm your identity” and then submit invoices to your credit card company.

Protect yourself!!!! Hang up as soon as they start to make their pitch and never, ever, give them your social security number or credit or debit card number!

Published by John Cleek, Ph.D.

REALTOR®, Senior Real Estate Specialist, author, seminar leader, marketing consultant, educator, entrepreneur

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