Celebrating Life at Any Age

“Choose your rut carefully; you’ll be in it for the next 20 miles!”

Growing up in rural Oklahoma in the 30s and 40s, most roads were not only not paved, they did not even have gravel. Most were red dirt which turned into deep sticky mud with every rain. Which naturally resulted in deep ruts that made driving a challenge.
That explains the title of this post which I saw on a hand lettered sign on the side of a road when I was a child.

I often think of this sign when I hear someone complaining about conditions they associate with aging and implying that they have no control over their circumstances, e.g., “It’s hell to get old.”

Of course, aging takes it’s toll on our physical body. But if we adopt healthy lifestyles, eat right, stay active, maintain positive relationships, and see our doctor regularly, there is no reason to become depressed and discouraged about the limitations of age. Freedom is the right to choose our own attitude, regardless of external circumstances.

“You are only old when you think you are, and act like it. Age is an attitude.” So… pick your attitude carefully, you may be stuck with it for a long time.

Published by John Cleek, Ph.D.

REALTOR®, Senior Real Estate Specialist, author, seminar leader, marketing consultant, educator, entrepreneur

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