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Let’s face it… like it or not, we are all getting older! I recently turned 84 and there are a lot of things I could do at 74 or 64 that I can no longer do. SO WHAT?

I can either dwell on the things I can NO LONGER DO, or I can celebrate the many things I CAN DO! Some things I can do better at 84 than at any previous age.

And that is one of the reasons I decided to create a website on Healthy Aging in the Sunflower State.

I want everyone, at whatever age, to enjoy life to the fullest, using the experience gained from the past to make the future better for ourselves and for those around us.

My GOALS for the Website

  • To inspire and empower seniors to embrace aging and welcome it rather than fear it; to see it as a period of continued growth, not decline; to recognize the opportunities, not just the challenges; and to see ourselves as contributors to society, not burdens.
  • To provide a connection to the latest developments and knowledge that are of benefit to seniors.
  • To assist our adult children and extended family who are concerned about our health and welfare to communicate that concern without infringing on the need and right we have to maintain dignity and control over the decisions we confront as we face the future.
  • To identify and publicize the excellent programs and services provided by public and private agencies and organizations in the community.

Published by John Cleek, Ph.D.

REALTOR®, Senior Real Estate Specialist, author, seminar leader, marketing consultant, educator, entrepreneur

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